Wrinkles Appearing-Habits That Accelerate

Wrinkles Appearing-Habits That Accelerate
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Wrinkles appearing that happens when there is a loss of collagen as it passes the age and cause a lot of concern among women. They are associated with old age and has the shape of a crease or folds in the skin, and although they are not desired are part of a natural process when the age is near.


Habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles

There are some factors that can accelerate the onset of wrinkles among them we can mention constant sun exposure, stress, insomnia, smoking and drinking alcohol. The use of facial expressions of exaggerated way can also speed up this process.

Below we share some habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles:

Constant sun exposure: mainly when you don’t wear protection it causes skin aging, which appears through stains, wrinkles and tone change earlier.

Overusing facial expressions: even if unintentionally can cause the contraction of facial muscles several times a day just to show expressions on certain situations. Use overused the muscles of the face collaborates in the formation of creases in the skin and, subsequently, wrinkles.

Smoking: cigarettes are a great villain when it comes to skin beauty because nicotine acts breaking the elastic and collagen fibers which ends up making the skin more wrinkled and dull.


Alcohol consumption: alcohol too much just by increasing free radicals which tends to negatively affect the body, contributing in this way to premature aging, among several other problems he hinders the absorption of various nutrients.

Stress: usually affect the functioning of the human organism and decreases the ability of the skin to make the cell renewal and produce collagen. Stress also causes the increase of free radicals, which ends up bringing damage to the skin.

Sleep little and evil: during sleep hormones produced rejuvenating such which melatonin and growth hormone. When you have a few hours of sleep the cell renewal.


Poor diet: the skin needs a balanced diet to ensure the health and beauty of the skin. The power supply must be rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals and vegetables to give protection against free radicals, which are enemies of the skin. The substances found in these foods are excellent antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals.

Doesn’t remove makeup: even when this is makeup good quality including helping to protect the skin from direct sunlight if she is not removed at bedtime will block the pores, causing damage to the skin.