What Has Been The Last Capricho Cosmetic That Tea Has Given?

What Has Been The Last Capricho Cosmetic That Tea Has Given?
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Our usual section where you do a weekly question will be transformed for a few days in a makeshift confessional. This will be your place to tell us your past sins cosmetics, These prohibitive whims that you could not resist you.

The makeup of high-end escaping to you budget, this anti-wrinkle cream that never you acercabas to not know its price, a special perfume that you’ve in love thanks to a sample, or even any beauty treatment which until a few months ago not you spent by the head. In short:

What has been the latest cosmetic whim that you’ve given?

Remember that as always the comments should go in the answers section so they can be counted.

The question of the week

Last week we wanted to know what were your cosmetics that you could not separate shower and your answers I guess when you like to have, as good beauty addicts, a good array of products in your shower.

Talking to bakon leaves a full list of cosmetics essential for the shower and also out of it because in the ritual of the shower not everything boils down to be under the water.

Well, for piling use kosher salt, because it is what work me and is very economical.
For hair, I used shampoo frutis garniere which gives you shine with creamy texture, although I prefer having thousands and has one texture more gel, because it leaves a stronger fruit smell. Then I have used herbal essenses moisturizing conditioner, although those soil using several throughout the week,… may be those of frutis, schwarcophz etc.
Face – gel for oily skin clinique.
Subsequently face – vichy cream for skin with imperfections that reduces redness… very effective, in a month have gone me many rashes, though I see that much depends on my power, that lately has left much to be desired.
Out of the shower I used a deodorant of vitis with creamy texture, since it leaves no footprint and not really exudes. It works and does not make me look bad throughout the day.

Another reader with a good Arsenal products near the shower is Jerrica

I use a gel facial cleansing of the body shop, which leaves the skin fresh and brush me face a scrub, I only do this once a week… use shampoo yellow, cream rinse of question and repair with oil of almonds… in the body, use SOAP, natura and cream rinse of the same brand to get out of the shower and already be moisturized!
After the shower, the routine of tonic and cream we all already know….

We will but before remember the question that we want you to participate this week:

What has been the latest cosmetic whim that you’ve given?

I hope!