Thermogenic Gel-How To Use And Care

Thermogenic Gel-How To Use And Care
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Thermogenic Gel helps in burning fat and has been a great ally of those who practice gym and seeks a better physical shape. Thermogenic can be classified as one that produces heat and some of the assets that act producing heat are caffeine, capsaicin (peppers), theobromine (cocoa) and catechins (green tea) and are widely used in the preparation of creams for the body.


How to use Thermogenic Gel

For who’s in search of lost weight and reduce the measures as well as physical exercise and a balanced diet are the products thermogenics containing some functional assets.

Below share the functional assets thermogenics:

Caffeine: stimulates the breakdown of fat, blocks the production and storage of fat, giving microcells firmness and hydration to the skin and has anti-cellulite action.

Methyl nicotinate: dilates the blood vessels, making the microcirculation and the permeation of substances that have fat cells.

Provitamin B5: nourishes, moisturizes, promotes cell regeneration, protects the skin and helps in healing.


Each type of thermogenic gel has an indication of use. But, for being associated with the fat loss, the gel is usually applied before the practice of physical exercise or during a lymphatic drainage or modeling massage. Another way that is widely used by promising to break the fat cell is to engage the region of the body where the cream was applied with a plastic film, causing there to be a greater absorption of the product.

Termogenico Gel

Plus there are creams with supplements thermogenics assets that may be indicated in some cases. When are taken orally usually increase the willingness, courage, alertness, physical performance, stimulate the production of adrenalin and in some cases the metabolic rate. This way if it acquires the best conditions for exercise, however the use of them can only be done with medical advice. The overdose or excessive intake can cause effects such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, palpitations, anxiety, tremors, headaches, as well as gastritis and ulcers.


By stimulating Vascularity, creams thermogenics cause redness and burning in areas that are passed by that your use is not advised in the face.