The Basis Of Garlic And Cloves For Weak Nails – How To Use

The Basis Of Garlic And Cloves For Weak Nails – How To Use
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Base garlic and Cloves For weak nails a problem common to many women and that can happen for many different reasons. There are many products on the market that promise to help improve your weak nails a widely known is the famous Horse hoof, but you can also make homemade nail Strengthener that can greatly improve your nails.


Using Clove garlic Base For weak nails

Know what nails are weak is very important to know how to treat her, dermatologists claim that as the nail has your base formed by keratin your weakening could happen due to contact with chemical products as detergent we use every day or the lack of some vitamins in food.

Common symptoms of weak nails is that they Peel easily, and have porous and aspect are left with stains and irregularities, as well as become more vulnerable to fungal attack. If you notice these symptoms in your nails, see a dermatologist to pinpoint the diagnosis.

Below share homemade recipe based on garlic and cloves to strengthen your nails:

Materials needed:

– 1 bottle (any basis colourless);

– 1/2 finely chopped garlic;

1 clove –.


Very simple put the ingredients inside the bottle base, mix with your own brush, and ready. Some women wonder about the smell of garlic, but it wont disappear after a short time of applying the nail base. The harpsichord itself helps to reduce the smell of garlic on the base. The indication is that this base before moving your colored nail polish to not risk tarnishing your nails. Or spend the night before bed letting her nails strengthening while you sleep.