Stronbing Hair Is Hair-New Technique

Stronbing Hair Is Hair-New Technique
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Stronbing Hair in the hair a technique developed by a team of Andrew Jose salon in Charlotte Street in London, with the colorist Nalan Derby you can do the careful drawing of a map of custom hair for each client.


New technique Stronbing Hair

The new technique makes the zoning of areas to be evidenced by determining depth, for example, lighting the hair around the eyes, to raise the cheekbones and light strokes. The strobing in hair is new must-have for this year’s color treatment that illuminates their locks, increasing naturally sunlit areas, working with the natural hair color, cut and skin tone the effect provides a tailored approach for hair highlighting subtle way.

The effect creates a very smooth appearance and can be used on any type of hair: short, long, light or dark, the highlight is done about the increase in natural color. The most important thing in strobing for hair is that no dark color tone are used only the softer tones so that the skin is illuminated. Brunettes, for example, can use the gold color in shades of caramel and thus block the multi-dimensional shine. As there are shades and different tones to choose from, a custom color cannot be an instant thing.


Professional must use the color two shades darker or lighter than the natural hair color, creating a wave of light in hair highlighting the brightness of the face. The natural color of the hair and the skin tone should be taken into consideration when choosing or changing the color of celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Perrie Edwards and Cara Delevingne are already using the new technique Stronbing Hair. The Stronbing Hair is considered perfect for the colder months when there is little incidence of Sun and so create the brightness required.