Six Years and 200,000 Followers on Instagram. Thus Is The Phenomenon of The ‘Mini Instagram Models’

Six Years and 200,000 Followers on Instagram. Thus Is The Phenomenon of The ‘Mini Instagram Models’
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There’s no denying that Instagram has become much more than a social network: is a true launching pad for those who want to live their image. The instagram models have revolutionized the world of fashion, with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at the head. But Instagram showcase is not limited to adult models: the social network is filling girls (and also some children) posing as professional authentic. They are mini urges models. The Miss Sunshine of the millennial generation.

Who are the children’s stars of Instagram

It has seven years and 133,000 followers on Instagram. It claims to be «fashion-obsessed» and their favorite brands are Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry. He also says that most want to be fashion designer, as his idol, Karl Lagerfeld, and that she loves her school classmates to praise their outfits.

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Haileigh, Zulay, mother began with the Instagram account when the girl was 3 years old. A green dress and a pose very adult turned it into viral. His fame has grown since then, to take to the runways in the last New York Fashion Week.

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Haileigh is not the only one 133,000 fans are outnumbered, interestingly, by the child, , the real star of the #instakids, with almost 200,000 followers little six-year-old.

10 Nov, 2016 (s) 7:40 PST

There are even computers of girls who share account, almost always directed by their mothers. And they are successful. Much, much success. defined in your account as best friends, dancers and models. Have 659,000 followers. Angie Kaiser is the mother to the front of, with 468,000 followers.

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There are also tandems mother-daughter, Kristina and Eeva, protagonists of the account, with almost 28,000 followers. Or, as with 136.000.

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One of the young stars of the model of Instagram is Elle, with only four years and nearly 91,000 followers. His mother recognizes that it cannot believe that so many people are interested in photos of her daughter, who she began to climb when the girl was only four or five months.

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Criticism, praise and… lot of money

Many voices rise against the presence of children on Instagram, especially posing as stars of fashion, imitating the best-known instagrammers. «For some parents, it is much more than get some nice pictures of your children. The goal is to expose them, so that they can get a career in the world of fashion or the performance», says Ericka Souter, editor of the portal of maternity

Parents have their own justifications. Haileigh mother, for example, explains that the law requires that 15% of revenues will go to a trust fund, while the remainder, if any, goes to an account on behalf of his daughter. «If at some point she decides that he doesn’t want to be a model and wants to go to Harvard or MIT, you will have enough money to pay for it».

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Is it safe to expose children in Instagram?

Souter asks about the intentions of the followers of these girls. «When your child has 100,000 followers, you should ask yourself if all these people have good intentions. They are just fond of fashion or there is something more behind? There are cases of theft of photos, which have been used for pornographic material. It is dangerous and there are people who could develop a terrifying obsession with children».

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Haileigh mother has its own methods to prevent this: «I make sure that she knows that people approaching him not always are friends. In addition, I have an app that checks all the followers. Never post the place where we are until we went there. It is my way to make sure that it is always safe. While I can, I’m going to still control».

The mother of Elle, Linda Parra, recognizes that the answer has not always been positive. «Sometimes reproach us that we don’t let children be children. I guess they think I the seen and not it is a normal girl, but it is. She likes to play with clothes. I never put you nothing with what they don’t feel comfortable». In your case, it has decided to not accept money on behalf of his daughter. Nor does that ceases to be just a hobby or want that his followers believe that he is selling them something.