Retrieve Dry Mask – Tips and Tricks

Retrieve Dry Mask – Tips and Tricks
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Retrieve mascara dry when it dries completely and before your maturity. You can use a few tricks to get it and use it normally.


Tips and tricks to retrieve Dry

Not always the brand or quality of mascara has direct connection with the problem of dryness of the product the bad form of use can be one of the causes. Put the brush often inside the tube while using the mascara can pump air into the bottle which makes it go slowly drying out. The right is without removing the brush completely inside the jar, make a circular motion by passing it the inner walls of the tube and then apply on the cílius. This avoids unnecessary entry of air into the product.

Below share tips to recover dry mascara:

Mascara Normal: The common rimeis that do not have waterproof formula you can use saline. Just add 2 to 6 like saline solution or eye candy and stir well until the brush mascara to blend completely with the serum. This will cause the mascara again with your normal texture.

Waterproof Mascara: in this case you must use a few drops of mineral oil will soften and regain the consistency of mascara. After putting the drops of mineral oil, mix with the mascara brush until you get the desired result.


In both cases we can use the water bath by putting the mascara in a container with water heated in advance, which will help to soften the mascara. Do not boil the water so as not to melt the packaging and change the formula of the product. So the mascara doesn’t dry always clean the edge of the package, with the help of a tissue. This way you avoid that the CAP does not close right and favours the entry of air into the product.

Below share see how to retrieve dry mascara.