Platinar Your Hair At Home – To Do And Care

Platinar Your Hair At Home – To Do And Care
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Platinar hair, because this summer become blonde has been the trend and with some care it is possible to do this at home. And after platinar the wires of the hair you need to maintain a special treatment so that they are always nice and healthy.


To do to Platinar your hair at home

To platinar your hair at home it takes a few steps and have some care so they look cute and healthy.

Below we share some tips that you must follow:

Strong Wires: Who you want to platinar your hair is good prepare the wires well before and thus ensure that the Platinum your stay perfect. A month before is the ideal time to start alternating between strong moisturizing care made with keratin and emollients that has oils and butters. Do this once a week to strengthen your hair strands till the day that will platinar your hair.

Wait: for the points of the hair to be perfect just a fortnight after time discolorations, Relaxers, perms or defrisagens.

Colorations: to make the points it is necessary to make a discoloration known as pickling especially if your hair is already dyed. Normally if the hair is with a darker color does not reach the desired first Platinum discoloration. We must go slowly bleaching not to cause damage to hair. First severed as far as the hair handle, take a break for a few days and moisturizing so continue until you reach the desired points.

Dirty hair: don’t wash your hair on the day of discoloration because the oil produced from one day to the other protects the scalp during discoloration.

Finishing Product: do not use products such as wax or cream, spray, mousse, etc. This makes when making bleaching.

Right Coloring: choose carefully the color you will use, it is not enough to have a beautiful color should take care of the hair and leave your hair with good quality. A tip is to use the Ice line Colors of Imédia Excellence. She has triple protection for having Ionene G and Ceramide which restores while colors and has a full treatment by protecting your hair during and after staining;

Splitting hairs: Divide your hair into four parts from ear to ear and forehead to the nape of the neck.

Wait time: the coloring has a time indicated to be left to the head. Let the color there is for the time necessary, no more, no less so as not to disturb the final result of the dye.

What Platinar Hair Care Home

When platinar their hair is necessary some care to keep it healthy and beautiful.


Below share the care required:

External damage: the Sun, wind, sea and pool can cause the Platinum blond Miss gradually the your brightness. So always protect hair products with SPF and use a cream whenever you leave the House. Do whenever necessary the retouching.

Hydration: the bleached hair requires a constant hydration routine with emollient treatment masks, a tip is the Extraordinary Oil elseve line that should be used once a week. Every fifteen days use a matizador product.

To comb: search choose products of submission which have white or transparent pigment.

Below share the video with Maria Luisa Godoy explaining how Platinar their hair at home.