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Know How to Put Makeup on Your Face?

What’s your type of face? Oval, square… Learn to identify the type of your face to be able to apply the makeup highlighting strengths, disguising imperfections and the weak points.   Learn how to evaluate your type of face: place a headband or clip the hair so you can keep all the face uncovered, in front of the mirror look from the forehead, apples and thread jaws.

Your Hair this Summer

When the reader at the beginning of a new season wonders how if will wear your hair this season, the first impulse is to do like the clothes: buying fashion magazines and you realize what are the trends. Except that, in respect of hair cannot be well so we have to look at the fashion magazine productions with more critical eyes.


Are the “picture frame”, natural increase and give life to the expression of the face. Although currently attempt to keep them inside of your natural line, there is no particular style, and your unique form in each of us, by itself, is often a pole of reference, of charm and seduction.

Zero Imperfections!

Forget the small imperfections, permanent or temporary, that prevent the uniformity of your skin! If that’s what you want to remember, first of all, that it is not necessary to put too: a “camouflage” too pronounced tends to bring out what should be hidden. With a few tricks, you can conceal small imperfections, to…
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Choose a Good Hairdresser

A condition to have a fabulous hair, is to choose correctly the “our” hair salon. Obviously, for any woman, the most difficult is the professional’s choice to which we deliver care to one of our most prized possessions: the hair!   At the moment of truth, what determines the preference? Why that professional and not another? Fame? Competence? Imagination? Perfection at work? Accuracy? Education? Environment? Is the set of all these factors, that determines the choice?

“Brushing” Done at Home

A good “brushing” done at home, start with the use of good tools for hair; Server, brushes, etc.   Take extra care in choosing good drying equipment. the)-dryers: the choice is crucial. Grab it; cannot be too heavy, nor too big for their hands, because that would make the use.

Look Tab

Tips and tricks for beautiful and healthy results. Open look Use mask to create a look open: first, apply the mask in the vertical direction, then the brush on the eyelashes, horizontally.   Sophisticated effect on the look For a…
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Hair Guide

  Hair: bright, alive and cheap?   If your hair is getting spleen, try add a few drops of vinegar to the final wash shampoo. Will shine like never seen before. But if the problem are the faded colors and sad, put a few drops of lemon juice. Better than any shampoo, has no contraindications and a taste of lemon …!

The End of Dandruff

The most important thing you should know about one of the most uncomfortable skin diseases. So you can win. Dandruff is a popular name for the flaking of the scalp, in most cases accompanied by multiplication of a harmless fungus on the skin that becomes active due to changes that lead to a disease called seborrhoea (excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands).

By the Hair!

After the assaults of the summer, it is essential to take care of your hair. Learn how. During the summer, the Sun, the chlorine of the swimming pools and the sea salt dry and damage hair. In addition to this normal aggression of the holiday season, it’s time to get back to work and the hasty routines.

Nail Art Matrioska

Nail Art Matrioska

After having presented a preview of the brand new glazes Faby and fantastic spring collection Renaissance today we show you a Nail Art made ​​precisely with the colors of the collection. The theme is the Matryoshka, a Russian doll known as a symbol of the popular tradition, today…
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Makeup for Fall and Winter

The fall season brings to attention the reinterpretation of the nuances of the summer. Natural makeup stays in trends, but the color becomes more versatile. Your eyes get expressiveness thanks to strong contrasts and the lips are enhanced with delicate tones, well…
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Retro Pin up Makeup

Retro Pin up Makeup

Hello Hello, Tell me who has never dreamed of having the captivating, class look and the sexy little side of a pin-up? Of Dita Von Teese from Brigitte Bardot but without forgetting the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Me, in any case, it has…
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