Negative Belly-Tips And Risks

Negative Belly-Tips And Risks
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Negative many Belly comes fighting to be able to exterminate the chubbiness located and finally have a little belly dry and beautiful. It is a difficult struggle that needs to be done with determination, combining a series of attitudes to achieve the long-dreamed belly.


Tips for Negative

Negative tummy looks different with a scoop in the area between the bones of the lower part of the stomach called the iliac bones leaving these featured bones and ribs more apparent. A very difficult to conquer especially for needing to rely on the aid of genetics and keep a diet specifies practicing too much exercise. It is important to note that if you do not have the genetic biotype negative stomach friendly no point practising the tips as they will not work.

Below share tips to achieve negative belly:

High fiber diet: it is required a high-fiber diet and do not ingest any kind of candy, candy or alcohol. Fruits and cereals are the foods shown to eat every day. Ideally, the help of a nutritionist, for her to do a menu right their nutritional needs.

Daily physical exercises: physical exercises are fundamental and experts need to do at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. You can do the aerobic exercises and weight training. Burn fat and strengthen the muscles of the whole body, plus improve posture we must and that some activities such as muaythay and footvolley can be very useful.

Dietary supplements: should be eaten always accompanied a doctor or nutritionist. They help you lose weight, satisfy the hunger and speed up metabolism.

Much water: drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and help the intestinal function in addition to satiate hunger. Take two to two and a half litres of water a day. Never take water during meals and preferably pure water.

Aesthetic medicine: is an option to achieve results more quickly, but these treatments are usually high cost, and yet must maintain a proper nutrition and physical exercise on a regular basis.

Risks of Negative

To achieve the goal of having the desired belly you will need to keep a good supply, and need to do many hours of physical exercises. Throughout this effort can be stressful and exhausting the your body and health problems may arise. Most health professionals do not approve of negative fashion belly rightfully so.


Share below the risks of search for negative belly:

Low fat percentage: to get the stomach you need to download very negative body fat percentage. It needs to be under 10%, which can cause serious health problems, such as anemia, anorexia, coma and even death.

Ovulation and menstruation: the exaggerated weight loss could harm the release letptina hormone that is released by fat tissue, and has important role in ovarian stimulation. Low levels of leptin may lead women to stop Ovulating and menstruating making pregnancy impossible.

Muscle mass: there is a risk of muscle mass because the restrictive diet with exercise leads to depletion of glycogen reserves. With the loss of muscles there is the possibility of problems like herniated disc and fractures since the muscles are responsible for sustaining the body.

Spine and postural deviations: the whole process in search of the stomach can cause negative spinal problems due to very restrictive diet combined with physical activities that can cause decreased muscle mass and, as less brawn, more likely to contract the postural problems and pains in the column.


Breasts: because of excessive thinness the breasts can decrease, because they are made up of fat. To keep the size of the breasts the female body needs of female hormones such as estrogen. Cholesterol where originates the estrogen is a type of fat. Women who lose weight very quickly lose a lot of fat, and the production of estrogen can be impaired and inhibit mammary glands, causing reduction of breasts.

Depression, anorexia and bulimia: If the search for the perfect belly become an obsession, can develop into a depression, anorexia or bulimia. If this happens you need to seek medical and psychological help, because these are serious problems that can worsen and even lead to death.

Osteoporosis: bone formation to happen, and the maintenance of bone mass in women, estrogen is necessary. As we saw above, the weight too fast can cause decrease in estrogen production, so reducing estrogen levels may harm the bones of the female body. In the long term the woman can suffer with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

What is most important is that if you decide to get the negative seek medical attention and belly get all your doubts so that will not take risks with your health.