Nails Tricot International Hit-How Do

Nails Tricot International Hit-How Do
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Nails tricot in winter perfect to represent the coldest season of the year and is a new style created from parts of our wardrobe for knitted nails and became the darlings of the international winter. Choose your favorite blouse that and paint your nails combining with point in yarn and color too.

How to do nails international hit

This type of design uses only texture and becomes very discreet and you just have to choose the colors and the favorite points. Can be done in all the nails but if you only want one. The enamel ideal for creating nails tricot is in gel that does not need to use the light. The ideal colours to choose roses, blue, white, greys, nudes and coral, mimicking the traditional colors of wool.  After you apply the nail polish two layers like you normally do, grab a stick and with a good amount of enamel and draw the yarn in high relief. Wait to dry and finish using the extra brightness. Although she use gel enamel this technique can be done with any type of glaze, since the secret is in relief. It is worth mentioning that the gel nail polish usually has greater durability.

Share below video tricot although not translated teaches perfectly:


Below we share some models of nails tricot.