Nails Decorated With Landscapes-Models

Nails Decorated With Landscapes-Models
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Nails decorated with landscapes until recently not even imagined that this was possible, because paint nails without help of manicure is hard for some women. In your profile on instagram makegirlz dedicated to makeup tutorials has drawn attention precisely because these small works of art.


Models and video of nails decorated with

Are tiny art screens with an amazing artistic level. Full of detail and painted in a very small space right at your fingertips. Using an extremely thin brush and nails are created wonderful mini works of art taking on some of his projects images of dubai, san francisco and london.

Makegirlz website also released mini-tutoriais straight from instagram and those interested can follow these incredible landscapes being made. A challenge for those who like to put your art on paper and see such perfection placed on small nails.

Below we share some paintings of nails decorated with landscapes the comments are of the author:

This is a sunset in manta in ecuador, a small country that was affected by a major earthquake, recently, that left a lot of damage.


A beautiful sunny day at the beach.


Using the technique of watercolour.


This is a technique of watercolor in one inspired by the city of london.


Today what i painted a beautiful view of san francisco.