Nails Decorated Paper-How To Make Nails Decorated Paper-How To Make

Nails Decorated Paper-How To Make Nails Decorated Paper-How To Make
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Nails decorated paper this print on nails is not new but always comes along as well let all very curious when it comes this nail decoration.


Material for nails decorated in

This is the kind of nail decoration that lets everyone surprised with a little bit of work your nails will have a very different design.

Below share the materials required:

– white enamel of preference, but if you want to change use light shades;
10 – strips of paper with text;
cotton –;
– acetone;
– extrabrilho coverage or base.

How to do nails decorated with

Sure many will want to read the news on your nails, and they will even draw attention by different result.

Below share how to do nails decorated paper:

First do your nails with the glaze chosen preferably with light tones so that the letters appear well.


Expect the glaze dries a bit. Cut pieces of paper to be able to apply on your nails.


Use a jar with a little alcohol to dip the pieces of paper. Place the piece of paper in the jar with alcohol and then apply the paper over the nail. So the technique be perfect the ideal is that the enamel is still fresh.


Rest the hand in a firm place and press the piece of paper moistened with alcohol on the nails, make very careful not to move the paper and doesn’t smudge.


Wait a bit before removing the paper and do it gently. Complete the same in the other nails.


Let it dry for a few minutes and apply a base coat or extra brightness to give the finish.


The fine print that were marked on back of fingers remove with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or acetone.