Makeup Mistakes in Editions Past of The Grammys

Makeup Mistakes in Editions Past of The Grammys
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The stars from the world of music allowed many licenses when it comes to makeup, combing and dressing. His image is a part of their work, but sometimes, with so much innovation, they are not right.

Christina Aguilera, in 2004, he resorted to a styling hiperrecargado in every way, and also in makeup. The base, so faded shadows, Rouge and lips, and especially, that black line that takes the place of the absent eyebrows, they do that, altogether, seems that you have put a mask.

Madonna nor was anything lucky in 1999. Ultrapalida skin, and, for contrast, eyes coordinated in Fuchsia and white lips in red passion. Nothing of what takes favors him. Neither the hair.

The beautiful Alicia Keys We were surprised in this way in 2002. I think there are plenty of comments, and it is that it gives the impression that the poor You can’t with all that weight on his eyelids.

And finally we have to Courtney Love in 2004. Yes, okay, Courtney always goes with very similar styling and makeup. But this time leads fatally painted lips. Not to mention those white powders in the nose and under the right eye. Did you like to the Kidman?