Look the Frizz! Easy Ways to Avoid this Nightmare

Look the Frizz! Easy Ways to Avoid this Nightmare
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The Court is in day, products are correct, but the frizz just popping up, even with all the care! Learn how to prevent this evil that afflicts the hair of all women at some (or many) moments in life!

An eye on shampoo


Choose a shampoo without sulfates and with Glycerin aplenty – take a look at the ingredients, those that appear first are those which are present in higher amounts. The glycerine moisturize from the inside out and covers the hair that does not break.

Don’t avoid the conditioner


Avoid the frizz has everything to do with moisturize the hair, umectando the wires and keeping the cuticles open to the outdoor humidity, which will leave him with frizz. Twice a week, use only conditioner, no shampoo. It will clean, because it contains the same ingredients, but in smaller quantities. Trust.

Hydrate more.


Use a moisturizing mask once a week, mostly on months of dry air and drought. And be sure to check: the best products to make a profound capillary hydration!

Have patience


Let the hair dry 90% alone before using the dryer. Very dry air focused on wires will dehydrate you, especially in the driest months.

Spread the oil


Brush or comb your hair frequently to spread the natural oils from the scalp to the ends.

Be prevented


Let a be a spray in the bag, to the tips at any time of the day. A braid can help keep your hair under control if the turn time and humidity arrive with everything.

Before working out


Spend a little leave-in hair before you go to the gym, because the sweat sodium will dehydrate the hair.

Paper towel


Use paper towels to dry the wires right after bathing, tapping and pressing lightly the piece of paper towel on the hair. The good of this technique is that it can be made of the scalp to the tips, in any length of hair. Seriously!