Inverse Frozen Lock-How to Use

Inverse Frozen Lock-How to Use
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Inverse frozen lock created by the company roholm ltd., new zealand’s promises of modeling healthy hair acting leaflets known on the market reverse.


Using inverse
frozen lock

The company web site explains: “the intense heat ends with hydration of the hair and weakens. With the cold temperature of the plank, the nutrients are trapped inside the wire, which is more conditioning and healthy “. Product technology is secret, but the result is already encouraging your use by many women. When buying the flat iron is necessary the essential oil that helps wires to receive better treatment of inverse, it is called ice fog and can be used on all hair types and serves to balance the ph of the wires. According to the brand, it helps to achieve the best result conditioning, resulting in hair soft, shiny and silky.

In order to use the flat iron you need to leave it in the freezer for 2 hours, at least. While waiting to apply the ice mist in her hair still wet, preferably move to stir. Divide the threads, in small quantities for the inverse modeling as desired. It is necessary to wait for the hair to dry for the final result. The frozen lock inverse was released first in new zealand and it costs $299, but has not yet reached the brazil.

Below share video on the flat iron inverse.