How To Draw – Tan Tips And Natural Juices

How To Draw – Tan Tips And Natural Juices
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Tan As Prolong after stay hours enjoying your summer getting that wonderful Sun looking for ideal color in a wonderful Tan. The duration of the Tan will depend a lot on the type of skin and the time it was exposed to the Sun all wish to extend a little more gold from the Sun on the skin.


Tips to prolong the Tan

Are over the holidays and this again in the routine of the air conditioner, and slowly the skin back to fade and there goes the nice tan. The skin is tanned because of the action of the Sun that activates a pigment in the epidermal layer. The Tan usually last six to ten days.

Below we share some tips to prolong your Tan:

Skin: the Tan won’t last if the skin is not well cared for. A day before taking Sun, make a good exfoliation if you would like to be able to make up with homemade concoctions, like the cornmeal and honey, for example, and hydrate the skin enough. So she’s going to be very pretty and smooth and dead cells, this will make your Tan doesn’t stain. After Tan avoid exfoliate skin for a while, because be rubbing the body can make the skin Peel.


Reserve: it is very common to want to take the Sun on the same day and this is a big mistake not to mention it’s very dangerous if exposed to the Sun in some timetables. Search for sunbathing between the 11:00 and 7:00 after the 4:00 pm, don’t risk the midday sun that can leave your skin glowing and still make very bad for your health.


Hot water: After a cold pool and a delicious sea another error is to get home and take a hot bath. The ice water after sun exposure is adequate to maintain the Tan. A longer shower cools the skin and should be adopted after the first few days of exposure to the Sun.


Hydration: drink plenty of water is very important especially in summer. But for those who want to keep your Tan longer, is fundamental. In the heat the body loses too much fluid and in the same way that our body dehydrates, our skin also loses water. Try drinking at least 2 litres of water every day and if you can drink three liters is lot better.  Use moisturizer after bathing to keep your Tan longer.


: If you want to stay well tanned and you know you’re going to the beach soon, look for feed on foods rich in beta carotene. Put in your diet a daily diet of juices with carrots and beets that are very nutritious and really help improve your Tan.


Natural juices to prolong the Tan

As we reported feeding is a great aid in time to get that Tan as desired. And also to prolong your Tan is an excellent option in addition to being very healthy.


Below we share some natural juices to prolong the Tan:

1 Juice:


– 1 small glass of orange juice;

– 1/2 raw beets;

1 medium carrot –.


Just spinning the carrot and beetroot and mix with orange juice.

2 Juice:


– 1/2 carrot;

– 2 boxes of cold coconut water;

– 2 thin slivers of ginger,

– 1

Pulp of passion fruit.


To prepare this delicious drink is just hitting everything in a blender and strain.

Juice 3:


– 150 ml skimmed milk;

– 1 pot of nonfat yogurt;

– 1 Brazil nuts (or walnuts);

– 1 Green Apple;

– 1/2 red guava;

– 1/2 carrot;

– beet 1/3;

– 1/3 of cabbage leaf torn (optional).


Beat all ingredients in a blender or in the centrifuge.