Habits that Hinder and Increase the Pores

Habits that Hinder and Increase the Pores
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Fact: all people have pores and all people are already upset with them at some point in life. Certain habits can cause them to be more extensive and cause skin problems. If you have any of these habits, start to change now!

Poke the pores and pimples


When you squeeze and stretch the skin, you’re forming fine lines, inflammation and irritation, which will enlarge the pores over time. Pressure and friction transfer impurities from the hands to the skin, blocking the pores. Use appropriate medications for pimples, salicylic acid, for example.

Touch the face frequently during the day


Think of everything you put your hand during the day: on the subway, in the Office, in the Office bathroom, money, a handrail–now think if your face deserves contact with all this! Oil, bacteria, viruses, miscellaneous impurities transfer to your skin and clog the pores. In extreme cases, ask friends and family alert when you’re touching the face, so you start to realize the amount of times you do that a day without.

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Forget removing makeup before bed


It never hurts to repeat: remove your makeup at night is an essential step in your beauty routine because not just the makeup, but the oil and pollutants will clog their pores at night if you sleep makeover. Premature aging and irritation, the more the increase of pores are consequences of laziness. Makeup removal wipes, lotions and special soaps that are indicated.

Avoid peeling


The best way to clean the pores is by exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells that accumulate during the week. Oil and impurities accumulated leave, leaving pores clear and small.

Using the wrong type of makeup


It’s tempting to try to cover it with concealer, but any product comedogenic will tapering them further. Avoid products with waxes, oils and butters in the formula. Makeup with mineral properties, especially for people with acne, is indicated.