Give Beauty. If You Think That There Are No Original Gifts, Change of Opinion with These Ideas

Give Beauty. If You Think That There Are No Original Gifts, Change of Opinion with These Ideas
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Approaching dates for celebrate, make and receive gifts, and I don’t want any last minute rush. I’m already weighing, and I can think of many things to acertar. But today, I want to give ideas on some different, I think, can make very happy to any recipient. I know because I have them, I enjoy them every day and they seem to me original. They are surprised by something else, and if return them to discover they’d like me with the same intensity. For that reason I guess that will be a success.

Details that are out of the conventional, and cover a wide range of desires, tastes and budgets. I assure you that none indifferent.

A book of beauty

Reading and beauty. Mathilde Thomas, He has presented The French Beauty Solution: Time Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out. A manual full above its philosophy of life and beauty, scientific research in cosmetics or how to use natural ingredients to care for our body. Anecdotes, science, homemade recipes and much savoir faire. Natural and simple tips to maintain a more youthful and healthy appearance, without harming the skin or impose a drastic regime.

All thanks to the more than 20 years of experience of its author and its collaborations with numerous doctors and dermatologists. It is available in shops and spas Caudalie around the world, on the web, in o Its price is 24.80 euros and, for now, it is only available in English.

Art and Clarisonic

The Sonic cleaning of Clarisonic joins forces with the art for a good cause and offering a unique gift. The Dr. Robb, co-founder of Clarisonic with more than 10 years investigating HIV/AIDS, has found a way to contribute to the cause through a collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. The aim? Give support to organizations non-profit dedicated to AIDS research and the training of disadvantaged children.

The result is a Limited Edition of 3 devices Mia 2, for 3 very artistic versions with hilarious and recognizable images of Keith Haring. Love, Dance and Pop they are their names and make this beauty accessory an object beautiful, even more desirable. Each price from 149,00 euros, available at Sephora y

A case for those utensils

BETER, leading brand in care and beauty since 1936, has prepared a variety of kits and sets irresistible to gather everything you need in your specialty. I have a weakness for manicure and makeup brushes. Among my favorites, the Mini Kit with brush for powder and Rouge, difuminador shadow brush and eyeshadow brush fine. Price 24,50 EUR.

Essential the of manicure, zip, which contains the necessary to centralize all the essential utensils. Slope 35,50 EUR, and both can be purchased at and in perfume shops and establishments engaged in the beauty.

A perfume, or a cake

For the most Michelin, for the most presumed, for the most glad, Juicy presents this Christmas a set of solid perfumes colorful, funny and irresistible. On wrists, neck and neckline a touch of these colorful “cakes” brightens up any day, cold that is. The kit includes, Viva Juicy, Viva Juicy la Fleur, The The Couture and Juicy Couture, all floral. Its price is 38 euros, and you can find it in The Corte Ingl├ęs.

A breath of good humor

The tryptophan This fashionable because seems to have real results on the mood. Happy Elixir is a “antiantojo” of Dietox that it is intended to help prevent snacking between hours providing an instant feeling of well-being thanks to its content of tryptophan. Also contains a large number of vitamins and offers a fresh breath. The recommended dose is 3-4 sprays in the mouth 6 times a day, costs 8,00 euros, and is certainly a unusual gift. For sale in

A different shower pack

Shower Therapy is also of Dietox. Seems very different, not only because of its rustic-looking, but for the sensations so intense and stimulants that it grants. Can be applied in face and body, and its purpose is to “reset the skin” using 100% natural assets and many antioxidants. It has the power to wake me up, and put me in excellent humor. Its very fine Exfoliating gel, is a very nice foam and its aroma is incredible. It contains a complex of extracts of raspberry, Apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, cucumber and strawberry.

Dry oil rose hip, macadamia, avocado, grapefruit essential oil, nut oil contains vitamin E and a vitamin complex that protects the skin, soothes and prevents aging. Absorbed in seconds and provides a great hydration. Its price is 40.00 euros and you can also buy it in

Gifts for all the tastes and budgets, you wake up one smile and very good times. Just think about the most appropriate for each. What is most like you? To me, all.