Frotox – New Technique To Eliminate Wrinkles

Frotox – New Technique To Eliminate Wrinkles
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Frotox – new technique to eliminate wrinkles has been recognized as the newest technique to eliminate the effects of age on his face. Frotox called Focus Cold Therapy Cold-focused therapy was developed by myoscience Inc, and promises to be more than a treatment to eliminate wrinkles.


New technique to eliminate Wrinkles Frotox

The new technique promises to make the lines stay smoother being an alternative without toxins that will freeze your wrinkles instantly. According to manufacturers the effect of using the frotox is much faster, the pain sensation is much smaller and can be used by all women since it contains no toxin.


Treatment reduces horizontal and vertical wrinkles of the forehead through two ice cream shots in each temple.  He is being dubbed the new generation botox has a technique called cryoneuromodulação and is in use only in a clinic in England the Haney Street Clinic. The treatment time is 15 minutes using a unit full of liquid nitrogen around the nerves that control the muscles that cause wrinkles. With an intensely cold shock the nerve goes into hibernation, you might say, for a period of four months and this way the muscles relax and wrinkles disappear.


The device is of high precision reaching only correct nerves keeping intact the muscles that are responsible for expressions. The device resembles a large pen and the patient is given a local anesthesia where then if I inject small needles and for 30 seconds the nerves of the face are given shots of cold. According to reports there is no pain just a pressure on the skin.


In Brazil, Frotox treatment has not yet been released, but is already being anticipated as a new option against wrinkles. Some experts have stated that there are side effects as headache, in the same way that the botox. This study by doctors the possibility of treatment be used against chronic pain like headaches and muscle spasms. One of the complaints related to Frotox and your period is still very small compared with the treatment with Botox.