Facial Cream Snail Slime – Korea Success

Facial Cream Snail Slime – Korea Success
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Facial Cream snail Slime of Korea believed that can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastane hydrating the skin helping to treat pimples. The Korean-Americans Sarah Lee and Christine Chang are ex-funcionarias of L’ and l’oreal company housewives Glow Recipe responsible for importing the ingredintes of K-beauty for the United States.


Success in Korea Goo Facial Cream

The company still uses “super-hidratantes” mushrooms and seaweed, applied in masks that are a sales success. The treatments made in Korea are different from Western treatments, treatments Koreans use ten steps to perform your treatment including elements of essence, ampoule and mask. In the West are 3 steps cleaning, toning and moisturizing. The site’s beauty Director New York refinery29.com claims that American women don’t have the patience to complete the ten steps as the Korean and they get tired and that’s why the company K-beauty normally only prescribe cosmetics from 5% parents Asian market.

Is already known that the South Koreans are obsessed with skin treatment and usually spend twice as much as the American beauty products. And that’s precisely why the country invests a lot in search for beauty products being in front in this regard in relation to other countries and exports growing year by year. Most of these products have as destination the United States, where Korean cosmetics have won even a nickname: “K-beauty”.