Braiding Fishbone Effect Inline – How Do

Braiding Fishbone Effect Inline – How Do
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Inlaid herringbone effect braid is practical and has a very modern complement any look. With the messy look is the perfect option for unpretentious event.


How to make inline braiding fishbone

She is made from small tufts with only two divisions in the hair, instead of the three classic braids. This feature let the wires with a way more relaxed in the hairstyle and some may even be fuses. It can be adapted for various occasions because of your versatility. The most elaborate option can start at the top of the head and finish with the fishbone.

Below share the simplest version of the built-in effect fishbone braid:

Hair washed and cleaned and if wires are very smooth or thin mousse to give texture pass and so they are more full-bodied.


Hold all the hair into a low side tail using an elastic silicone


Divide the tail into 2 thick tresses.


Let a lock on the outside of each fine strand thick.


Cross the thin streak of left over the thicker mecha,

Towards the center.


Repeat the previous process on lock right, separating a mecha and crossing towards the center.


Repeat the last two steps for the entire length of the hair, forming an “x” in the center with the thin slivers.


If the hair is blown out and some stay loose don’t worry, they acentarão to the rest of the braid end.


Attach the end of the braid with another elastic silicone


Let loose across braid your extension to give a more stripped down and let her look thicker.


Below share explanatory video to embedded braid herringbone effect.