Big and Defines New Avon – Mascara

Big and Defines New Avon – Mascara
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Big and sets launch of Avon in Brazil and that promises to separate, define and give more volume to cílius. Its formula is unique and the result are perfect cílius that are not not glued or waste.


New Mascara For Lashes Avon Big and Sets

Mask is designed to lengthen and add volume to lashes, accumulate, or stay with pellets and also won’t smudge. Its formula has thousands of different formats and sizes, that will fill the eyelashes and give more volume and is waterproof.

Below share the benefits of mascara and Big Sets of Avon

– With innovative Smart technology Slip;
– special Applicator that separates the wire wire, giving volume and definition;
– Formula especially developed for locks in each Eyelash;
– embarrasses Not;
– leaves no;
– does not form lumps;
– waterproof Technology for last hours;
– appearance of 64% more
wires; – Triple Power: sets, separates and gives volume to lashes;
– mask in 3 colors for you reinvent yourself: black, Brown and Navy Blue.


Below we share some tips for using your Big Sets:

Zig-Zag: apply the mask with the applicator across doing light movements to the left and to the right. The goal is to grant even more volume of yarns.
Flashing: This is a trick to increase the curvature of the lashes without Eyelash curler. Place the brush on the root of the eyelashes, blink about it and remove following the curvature of the wire until the ends.

Pulling the corners: this technique is used to elongate the look. Use the tip of the applicator to pull the outside corner towards the temples.
Pull over and pull: to apply the mask in the lower lashes without smudging, the best way is to pull the brush and take, without combing. This ensures the pigmentation and prevents smudges.

Below share promotional video of Big Sets.