Bichectomia – Surgery Thins the Face

Bichectomia – Surgery Thins the Face
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Bichectomia is a plastic surgery where the total or even partial withdrawal two units of existing fat next to the mouth, between the maxilla and the mandible, called balls of Bichat. These fat bags exist in the body independent of the person is overweight. The purpose of the bichectomia is just aesthetics it reduces the volume of the lower face and jaw thins.


Surgery Thins the Face Bichectomia

Also known as removal of balls of Bichat this surgery is controversial for some professionals who claim that this region of the face can lose fat over the age and removing these fat bags may leave a more aged appearance, especially if it is total.

A bichectomia is a surgical procedure and can only be made by medical professionals that have this specialty, in this case the plastic surgeons. It is important to make the clinical evaluation by professional who will do the surgery, to see if there really is a need and what are the expectations of the patient about the results. The surgery is contraindicated for those with health problems such as infectious diseases and to those who have unrealistic expectations about the procedure.


When bichectomia is made without being linked to another procedure, surgery is cut is made intraorally into the mouth where the oral mucosa has a better healing and is not apparent mark. The patient receives general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation, the physician looks for the anatomical marks inside the mouth that indicate where are the balls of Bichat. An incision is made and the fat bags are dropped entirely or only in part.


If you’re going on another skin incision surgery of type facelift, the bichectomia can be done together. During surgery when the skin is lifted to be repositioned, the doctor takes advantage of and removes balls of Bichat. The surgery done by an experienced physician should take between 1 hour or 1 hour and a half. The bichectomia can be associated with the surgeries like facial Lifting is surgery that already separates the skin of the face muscles and is easy to do the bichectomia along with it, except if you need to make the intraoral incision. During facial Implant if you do some filling with hyaluronic acid discreet cheek can help us increase more thinning of the Chin. The ideal is to talk with your doctor about this possibility and check for indication of membership in your case.


As a result after bichectomia if wait a discreet thinning of the face. It is important to say that over the years, the face begins to suffer a loss of fat which can make there is the need to recover subsequently fills a more youthful appearance. Even though a simple surgery, involves risks and bichectomia one of them is the accidental cutting of nerves, which can cause facial paralysis. Another risk is injured the parotid duct, the channel that carries the saliva. So it is very important to make the procedure only with experienced doctors who know very well the anatomy of the region i.e. Inside the mouth.