Arco Iris Illuminator-Launch

Arco Iris Illuminator-Launch
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Arco Iris illuminator with numerous products to illuminate and make outlines he appeared to draw attention and with great rapidity disappeared from shelves and became the dream of many women delighted with their colors.


Launch Arco Iris

Bitter Lace Beauty Shop product is available on Etsy a rainbow illuminator won fans all over the world. The product received the name of Prism for being a portmanteau of bright colors that mimic the shades of the Rainbow.  The product highlights to skin and reflects light leaving a magical appearance with the colors of the Rainbow. The stock has run out due to great demand since he is indicated for all skin tones. To your metal palette is a set of makeup made by hand, in gold, copper, pink and nude, mint and highlighted by the gold and silver. When passing the product on skin tones mix creating a beautiful color effect and at the same time very subtle. Is ideal for making your night to make that ballad or a music festival event.

Jenna a illuminator Arco Iris began to do their own makeup because she was tired of all similar products with each other and so began to customize your own makeup. Thus arose the mark Bitter Lace Beauty all handmade makes and sold on Etsy site that is geared for hand-made products.


With success the store didn’t realize so many requests and is paralyzed, the products sold out quickly. But the creator Jenna prepares to renew stocks. In Brazil the arco Iris illuminator can be found on the website of Prism by the value of $22 Bucks.