American Apparel Enters The World of Makeup

American Apparel Enters The World of Makeup
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American Apparel It is known for being one of the most famous fashion lowcost shops of the network, where you can always find clones of the most sought after garments, that not always to a very desirable quality but quite acceptable prices.

But leaving aside the question money of your garments which offers the American House, today I want to bring something new that my personally it caught my attention, and is that the Californian House has dared to take the step and is it released fully to the world of makeup.

So, for now, by launching its first collection of enamels where the colorful seems assured, with 18 tones to choose from, from pastel colors to the tones more fluoride.

The glazes that have been created by a modest New York House, is being depleted in record online time by what right now only can be purchased in stores that mark has around the world, (I think that in Spain we only have it in Barcelona).

Personally I’m not very partisan buy clothes online and if I had to buy makeup I think that it would be more skeptical still, if we bear in mind that shipping costs can go us more expensive than own enamel, it is question of think twice.